13 / julio / 2017

Físicoculturista sorprende a todos con su gran parecido a J-Lo

Janice Garay  es una linda fisicoculturista que vive en Houston y que no llama la atención sólo por su trabajado cuerpo, sino que por su gran parecido a Jennifer López.

Durante las últimas semanas, las fotografías de la chiquilla comenzaron a viralizarse por la similitud que posee con la ex esposa de Marc Anthony.

Janice para potenciar aún más su smilitud con la artista usa peinados parecidos, logrando confundir a sus seguidores.

Acá puedes ver imágenes de Janice en Instagram, ¿La encuentras parecida a J-Lo?

🦋There will be times when your soul seems nothing but tired and your mind tries to pull you back into the darkness you have fought so diligently to be free of. It is normal, and it is okay. Being genuinely happy and at peace does not mean being in a consistent state of elation. Don’t beat yourself up because you don’t wake up with a radiating smile every single day. Understand that being vulnerable to negative emotions is a part of being human, and it in no way makes you weak or pathetic. Continue to be patient and kind with yourself, continue to fight through those draining moments and do not allow them to persist longer than they should. You are in complete control; sadness is simply a visitor within your mental space, not a permanent resident. Chat with it, understand it, master it, and most importantly, know when to say goodbye. You will wake up the next morning and everything will make sense. Life will make sense. It will all be wonderful. Believe that! 💯🙏🏾💓💪🏽

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💓When people from the past try to get back in your life, but you’re no longer on those old thought patterns. You’re no longer wasting your time and energy on meaningless activities. You’re no longer trying to get approval from them, because you approve yourself. You’re no longer trying to fit in, because you realized your self-worth. You’re no longer interested in their negativity, because you know that time is precious and you want to focus on being the best that you can be. So you hit them with that “new mindset, who dis” reply, because you’re no longer who you use to be. “Allow me to reintroduce myself” is your new mentality, because your growth game is strong. Life is all about mindset and once you upgrade that, nothing can stop where you’re headed, not even your past. 🙏🏾😈💪🏽 Tag some with a new mindset. 🚀

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6•27•17 💓 Don’t tell people your plans, show them your results. Many people struggle with this concept, because they easily share their visions, and expect others to understand it. They get discouraged once someone doesn’t believe in them. They start doubting themselves, and even start to become fearful. So many visions and dreams are killed by people who don’t believe in themselves. It starts off with someone having an idea that is unthinkable to the next person. The reason why you received that vision is because you’re able to tap into the level of possibilities. You literally tune into what you believe is possible for you. It’s different for everyone. This can mean that the next person might not be able to fully believe in themselves until they start to realize that they are a soul that is boundless and limitless. So when someone tells you that something is not possible, they are just saying it’s not possible for them right now. When someone is unconscious of their true potentiality, they project life from a limited point of view. See, that’s not how things work when you’re operating on the realm of “consciously” creating your reality. In this sacred place, everything is abundant, there’s no limit to what you can do, achieve, or have. Since most people haven’t tapped into this level of belief, they easily share their lack and try to taint open minds from seeing clearly. This is where you have to become strong and realize the power in keeping silent. Just like the plant, we don’t see the work of the seed under the dirt till it flourishes. In silence, you pull the creative force to your work, rather than scattering it and opening it up for judgement. Once your vision beautifully buds, everyone will notice. Without a single word you not only materialize your vision, but you also give hope to those who have a hard time believing in themselves. How has being silent and low-key about your life and ideas worked for you? I would love to hear your story. Comment if you believe in the power of silence and tag someone to inspire. ✨🙏✨

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